The PlatoWork headset is a plug’n’play device designed to make neurostimulation as easy as possible.

By increasing activity in specific areas of the brain, PlatoWork allows you to enter the mindset you need in order to work your best.

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Scientifically proven

Close to 40.000 studies have been published about neurostimulation with tDCS and PlatoWork has been tested on more than 500 individual users.

Two modes

The PlatoWork headset has two stimulation modes: Focus & Create. You can switch between the modes and control the PlatoWork headset with an app.

Plug'n Play

The PlatoWork headset is an easy to use plug’n play device. Simply put on the PlatoWork headset, select stimulation mode and start working.

315 PlatoWork users are now active
8.600 hours of succesful neurostimulation sessions with PlatoWork so far

What does PlatoWork do?

The PlatoWork headset helps you get into a desired mindset faster. By stimulating specific areas of the brain, the headsets eases your way into a state of mind, where you can focus on the task at hand or come up with creative solutions to a complex problem.

How to use PlatoWork?

When you are about to solve a task where you either need to

Focus on at task at hand or Create new ideas

Simply put on the PlatoWork headset, select your stimulation mode in the app and begin working! PlatoWork will help you to get into the needed mindset while you are working. No need to wait!

A stimulation session runs for 15 minuts but will approximately give you 1 hour of tale effect where you still can feel the effect of better Focus or Create mindset

How does PlatoWork do it?

PlatoWork neurostimulation utilizes tDCS technology; a well-known method for influencing natural brain activity. TDCS has been used for purposes such as pilot- and sniper training, rehabilitation and more. With PlatoWork the technology is deployed to help the user get into the right mindset for solving complex problems and working more efficiently.

Product presentation

What’s in the box

  • 1 PlatoWork headset
  • 3 sponges in plastic casing
  • 1 bottle of salt water
  • 1 USB cable for charging
  • 2 x 3 extra sponges compressed
  • Quick start guide
  • Case for the PlatoWork headset and all the accessories

Product specifications

  • tDCS neurostimulation headset with:
    • Create mode: designed to improve divergent thinking and idea generation.
    • Focus mode: designed to improve convergent thinking and concentration
  • One size fits all design (54-66cm head size)
  • Controlled through the PlatoWork app (Android and iOS) using Bluetooth
  • Utilizing 1,2mA DC current as default stimulation, with the possibility of  manually adjusting the current +/- 0,2mA
  • The headset independently controls the current, by continuously measuring the resistance in the circuit and instantly adjusting the voltage to secure a constant mA
  • Powered by a 3,7v 500mAh rechargeable LiPo battery lasting for 10+ sessions
  • Three electrodes of 4 x 5cm (20cm2) providing comfort during stimulation
  • Micro USB cable included for recharging the headset
  • Compatible with reading glasses and most headphones