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PlatoScience has developed the world’s first headset for optimizing cognitive performance.

Backed by +15 years of clinical research, neurostimulation lets you take control of your brain and release your full potential in a safe and simple manner.


Brain stimulator

The PlatoWork headset is a plug’n play device designed to make neurostimulation as easy as possible. Simply put on the PlatoWork headset, select stimulation mode in the app and start working. By increasing activity in specific areas of the brain, PlatoWork allows you to enter the mindset you need to solve a task.

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"To the ancient Greeks, a rich life was a life engaged in thinking. To be the best version of yourself was to be curious and strive to improve your mind. We named our company after one of the greatest thinkers of all time, because these ideals more than ever need to be made relevant again".

- Balder Onarheim
CEO PlatoScience

tDCS for everyone

With the PlatoWork headset we have taken the safe and validated tDCS technology – used for more than 15 years by doctors at et. al. Stanford University and widely applied by the US military – and made a plug’n’play consumer device available to anyone. Neurostimulation offers a non-chemical, side effect- free alternative to modern performance enhancers. Our mission is to let you reclaim the power of your brain and take control of the way it develops.

What is neurostimulation?

Neurostimulation describes the act of applying a weak electric current to specific areas of the brain, thereby enhancing its ability to absorb new information and form new connections – also known as neuroplasticity. Neurostimulation with tDCS has been proven to increase neuroplasticity and thus allows you to influence and shape the way your brain changes.

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