Download the latest PlatoWork app for iOS and Android.


Download the PlatoWork app

After downloading the app, go to Settings -> Update PlatoWork headset to ensure that your headset has the latest firmware installed.
To get started, follow the instruction in the app, and for further information visit the Getting started page or the PlatoWork manual.

Known app issues
(November 2019) 

We are currently onboarding 3×500 users onto the iOS and Android app and, despite all internal testing, some of our users have experienced unexpected issues with the app due to untested device/operative system combinations. 
We are working as hard as we can to document and correct any issues we get reported, and will release app updates on an ongoing basis.
Below is a list of the currently known and reported issues we have documented, including temporary workarounds if you experience any of the issues.



Unfortunately, some early users have reported what seems to be an early timeout issue in the app.

For those affected, this results in the headset ending sessions prematurely (after 5-15 minutes), and the app reporting “Lost connection to headset”. It’s important to emphasize that this is not an issue that affects the stimulation itself, it just ends too soon.

We have identified the cause of the issue, and have now launched an app update that solves it. 

The issue is caused by an overactive safety precaution in the headset firmware, so we ask all users to download the new app, and follow the “Update PlatoWork headset” steps in the Settings menu in our app. Thereafter, both old and new versions of the app should work normally.

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Experiencing other issues? Please let us know