PlatoGame is designed to fit under your regular gaming headset

Neurostimulation for eSport-athletes & serious gamers

PlatoScience is developing PlatoGame – the world’s first neurostimulation headset for eSport-athletes and serious gamers. PlatoGame boosts your performance in a completely safe and simple manner, by using clinically approved tDCS-technology to stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for your ability to concentrate and learn. 

What is PlatoGame?

PlatoGame is a plug-and-play device, developed for gamers and eSport-athletes. It is designed to fit under your gaming headset, and is barely noticeable during use.

PlatoGame uses neurostimulation to activate the frontal lobes of your brain, thereby enhancing your ability to concentrate and learn. The technology used is called transcranial direct current stimulation or tDCS and is a scientifically proven method, used in clinical neuroscience for more than 15 years.


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The neuroscience of PlatoGame

Your brain is made up of networks of nerve cells, which process all of your thoughts and movements. The signalling in the networks happen, when a nerve cell is electrically charged to a threshold, which makes it fire.

PlatoGame uses tDCS to send a very weak electrical current through specific areas of your brain. When your brain is stimulated in this way, the signalling happening between the nerve cells is intensified.

This figure is a graphical illustration of what happens when a neuron sends a signal. The signal happens when the neuron crosses an electrical threshold. Anodal tDCS modulates neuronal excitability to a subthreshold level (red line). This means that a neuron under the influence of tDCS reaches the threshold (red line) more easily and thereby more signalling will happen compared to a normal neuron (white line).


tDCS does not control brain signalling – only you can control the nerve cell network. As shown in the graph, tDCS rises the resting position of the nerve cells, making it easier for them to fire. Over time, if the nerve cell fires continually, modulation of neural signalling occurs (known as neuroplasticity). This makes the nerve cell more likely to fire, even when it is not stimulated with tDCS. This means, that repeated use of tDCS will have a prolonged effect on your nerve cells’ ability to signal.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. tDCS is a non-invasive and safe method for increasing natural brain activity. The technology has been used by universities and hospitals for more than 15 years, and studies with 32.500 participants combined, show no serious side effects.  

Contribute to the development of PlatoGame

Co-creating products with our users is at the core of the PlatoScience mission. Are you interested in PlatoGame?  We would be grateful for your input in order to shape the final product.

Please contact:

Johan Møller
Prototyping and UI 
+45 25544536


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