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Download the PlatoWork app

Android users: After downloading the app, please go to Settings ->Update PlatoWork headset to ensure that your headset has the latest firmware installed.


Login and follow the instructions in the app.
You can also follow the instructions in our Getting started page or in the PlatoWork manual.

Known app issues
(November 2019) 

We are currently onboarding 3×500 users onto the iOS and Android app and, despite all internal testing, some of our users have experienced unexpected issues with the app due to untested device/operative system combinations. 
We are working as hard as we can to document and correct any issues we get reported, and will release app updates on an ongoing basis.
Below is a list of the currently known and reported issues we have documented, including temporary workarounds if you experience any of the issues.



Unfortunately, some users have reported what seems to be an early timeout issue in the app.

For those affected, this results in the headset ending sessions prematurely (after 5-15 minutes), and the app reporting “Lost connection to headset”. It’s important to emphasize that this is not an issue that affects the stimulation itself, it just ends too soon.

We have identified the cause of the issue, and have now launched an Android app update that solves it. We hope to launch the iOS version within a matter of days, but the exact time is highly dependent on the App Store review process.

The issue is caused by an overactive safety precaution in the headset firmware, so we ask all users to download the new app, and follow the “Update PlatoWork headset” steps in the Settings menu in the app. Thereafter, both old and new versions of the app should work normally.

Temporary workaround

Until your headset firmware is updated using the new app, feel free to run the shorter sessions. Although the full 30 minute session is ideal, 5 minutes is enough for the neurostimulation to start having an effect.


If you have signed up to the crowd science project:

Due to the timeout issue, we are postponing the launch of the crowd science training, until we are certain that all users can run full sessions. Obviously, you are free to use the headset in any way you like in the meantime.


If you want to run multiple shorter sessions:


– Keep the headset on and force quit the app when the ‘lost connection’ message appears


– Reopen and reconnect the app to the headset (this might require turning bluetooth off/on)


– Start the session over.


If you choose to do this, please make sure to still keep within the recommended 30 minutes per day (see the PlatoWork manual page 12 for more info).

For some users running iOS 13.2 and higher, we have a bug reported where the app closes immediately after opening the app. This is an issue with iOS 13.2+ on certain versions of iPhone, it seems to be specifically for iPhone X versions. We are looking into it and will release a fix as soon as we have identified the cause.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this bug.

We have a known bug in the app, where users keep being asked to login – even though they are already logged in. The bug is caused by a database error, that occurs if you have used any capital characters when creating account or when logging into the app ([email protected] not [email protected]). It’s a weird bug and we’ve solved it and will release a fix with the next update.


For most users with this issue, it is sufficient log out off the app (under settings) and log back in using all non-capital letters in your email ([email protected]). It doesn’t matter if you used capital letters when registering your account, it only appears when you use capital letters when logging in.

If this doesn’t work, try creating a new account with another email, or reach out to us for resetting your current account.

A few users have reported an issue where the app goes in an error screen, and display a number of error messages. We are trying to reproduce the issue on our end, but if you experience this issue please get in touch with us directly with any details you can share about the issue.

Unfortunately, the ‘password reset’ function is not included in the current build, so if you need to reset your password please get in touch and we will reset it for you in our database.

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Experiencing other issues? Please let us know