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PlatoScience neurostimulation is about the joy of improving your mind. By giving everyone access to simple and safe technology that limits distractions, we enable your brain to perform at its best.

- Balder Onarheim, CEO PlatoScience

Balder Onarheim


Morten Friis-Olivarius


Tine Roland Presterud

Communications Manager, MA

Johan Møller

Product Design Engineer, BSc.

Madeleine Thursfield

Communications & Project Assistant, MA

Morten Gørtz Jønsson

tDCS Expert, MSc.

Rodrigo Simões Rosa

App Developer

Our story

To the ancient Greeks, a rich life was a life engaged in thinking. To be the best version of yourself was to be curious and strive to improve your mind. We named our company after one of the greatest thinkers of all time because these ideals more than ever need to be made relevant again.

PlatoScience Neurostimulation is not just about enhancing cognitive performance. It’s about the gratifying experience of using your brain, the way it was intended. In a world overloaded with information and constant distractions, the capacity for deep thinking becomes a scarcity. Though it may seem like a paradox to some, we believe that technological progress is closely linked to our capacity for thinking. When we are fully absorbed in a task we are not just more efficient; we are in a state of flow – we are happy.

PlatoScience is combining these notions with a high degree of expertise within neuroscience and product design. By giving everyone access to safe and simple neurostimulation, we want to let ordinary people realize that their brains are extraordinary and make the world a brighter place, one brain at a time.